miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

my experience

This is my last post for English class level 3.
Well, after all, it was a good experience.
After leaved school, I was afraid of lose the English that I had there.
My school pushed me to talk in English, practice and use it. So, when I live school, I was afraid of losing the level that I got, and I became very excited when I realized that I was going to have a class of English.
I really expect that in this class I was going to practice and maintain English.
I don’t believe that I improve my English, because I talk extensively only once, and it was good, because I realized that I still have the same level, that’s only my own opinion.
In some way I like the fact of write post, because I could relaxed and thing in other things beside the university, test and works.
The best thing I believe that was the fact that I have this class with a very good friend of mine, Paulina Montoya, she makes the classes faster and funnier, that was the best.
Next semester Im going to pass to level four, in which I expect to improve my English and talk more that I did it in this level.

Well, I had a great time and thanks for all.

miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

my ideal job

Definitely I just have ONE dream.
I want to be a surgeon. For me is just THE perfect job ever.
Since I can remember it’s my dream to be a doctor, have surgeries and help people.
Because of this I can see myself still in the University of Chile, of course, but the only difference is that I’m not going to be studying obstetrics; I’m going to be studying medicine.
After studying medicine, I want to study to be plastic or cardiac surgeon, I’m not sure jet.
Of course, after been a complete and capable professional, I’m not sure if I want to go immediately to other countries to improve myself and learn more, or start working right away. At first I want to work in a hospital or clinic, it doesn’t matter, because the only thing that I want its to have experience and be a good professional. After that, I want to have my own clinic, or maybe only my own office helping people and changing
their lives.
Of course, because it is my own office I would work from 8 to 4 or less, because I want to spend time with my family. My clinic would be in a good place, full of life, near my house, the money? I don’t know, its good of course, but it depends of how many patients that y would have.
I don’t want to work alone, it is too boring, and that’s why I’m going to work with colleagues that would help me. In my clinic would not only be a single kind of surgery, it would be plastic, cardiac, brain and every single kind of surgery.

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

unwanted pregnancy

in my carreer is a very important function prevent not wanted pregnancy.

this prevention is important to avoid different kinds of problem inside a family, in a couple, in the life of a person, even to avoid a children to born without be wanted.

first of all, the midwife has the important function of instruct and teach peolple about sexuality.

the midwife, teach about this to women and families, how they can plan a family life in a healthy way.

she/he can teach people the importance of having childrens in the right moment of the person´s life, when they are ready, when the couple has estability, a nice economic situation and also a good personal situation.

she/he also teach the preservative ways of control to prevent this situation.

one of the main rols of the midwife is teach to people the many different kinds of preservatives that exist, also how to use them.

the midwife try to avoid a not wanted pregnancy or the tansmition of a sexual dissease like AIDS, teaching the use of contraceptive pills to women, and facilitaing them as is possible, teaching how, when and for how long she has to use them.

also, the use of condoms, (male or female ones), the famous "after day pill", explaing in what consist the implants, and injection, and many other kinds of contraceptive methods.

in the case that the new mom, already is pregnant, but she doesn´t want the baby, the midwife has to teach the new mum the diffetent options that she has, for example the adoptions, or help her in a psicological way, chating with she, and getting to know her, to understand her and support her, helping her in that way.

miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010


it is obvious that things are changing now. before the woman was totally disconsider from the society, but now thing are different.
the woman has now a place in society, in their families, etc. but of course, thing arent perfect.
there still differences between the sexes. there still differences in work, in money and in the way of treatment, in the house and of course in different countries, for example, in the middle east in countries like saudi arabia and many others the women doesnt have opinion or a place in society.
I believe that the stereotypes are things that we put to our life only because we want. This tipycal things like women shouldnt play with cars or men with dolls, to me, it doesn´t have much importance, I really dont care who play with wath, it doesnt matter, being a woman or a man it a totally different thing and a much deeper thing that only care about the things that you play with. Of course everybody is different, and between sexes are many, many differeces. The things is that i dont know if this differences are because the society or from every person, but no one can deny that this differences exists.
For example, there still difference in who is the "boss of the house", even if the woman works and stay all day out, she stills been the boss and taking care of everything of the house.
other example is for example in my career, obstetrics, there is a huge difference in a midwife or a male midwife, the treat with the pacient is different, the relation with them also is different, maybe, can be a great male midwife but still dont being the same, maybe it is because women wants someone that understand them, I dont know, but the relation would never be the same.

miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010


ooh food, sometimes is a guilty pleasure.

I just love to eat, but sometimes i feel guilty because, sometimes i eat too much.

I LOVE italian food. i just cant resist to a dish full of pasta or pizza.

other thing that i love is japanese food, it very good, and you cant eat a lot without feeling that you are going to explote. i recommend mexican and peruvian food, perhaps are a little bit spicy, but once you get use to it, it very very good.

you can find this kind of food anywhere here in santiago. But i thing that the best pasta is in la pizza nostra in providencia or in calypso in cajon del maipo.

as i said it already, i sometimes feel guilty when i eat too much, any kind of food, specialy when i eat sweet things. For example, i just cant be without eating chocolates, but i know that is not the best thing for me, and after that i feel guilty. of when i eat cakes or pies, is the same thing.

now that im in the university, im eating worst than ever. i eat the first thing that i found or eat anytime. i think that i should eat more vegetables or fruits because i thing that are good for my health and they would help me to concentrate for the minerals and vitamins that they have.

of course one thing that you should never eat is junk food. it is like only air, and it dosnt help you in any way to be healthy.

the important thing is to eat in a healthy way.

beeing a midwife

a midwife is a bless person. she can have the important and beatifull oportunity of recived a new life on her hands.
it is a very important job, because she being in the labor, it is important for the mother and for the new child.
perhaps I dont like much this career for me, but you have to say that is one of the most sweet work ever.
if im goint to be a midwife, i think that i preffer working in a place where the labor is more natural and peaceful than in a hospital. i would like to help the new mom and the new families, giving them information and giving them space to be with the new child.
other thing that i would like to do is to promote this kind of labor, because it is better to your son or daughter.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

my field

I dont know if you knew that Im studying obstetrics.

it a very beatifull carrer, and im going to tell you a little bit about the first midwife in Chile.

The first midwife that came to Chile was Isabel Bravo. She came from Lima, Peru.

She was authorized to practice in 1568.

Thanks to her work on July 16th, 1834 was faunded the first Obstetrics school to improve the birth problems in the country, because it wasn´t anybody well trained.

She was the only midwife recongnized for the country, even, important people as Benjamin Vicuña Mackena talk about she in his writes.

thanks of her important and recongnized work was posible the fundation the first obstetric´s school and the gave importance to the midwifes and recognize her beatifull and difficult work.

This is a really old profession, now we call it obsterics or midwifery, but the labor work as been happening thanks to other people, maybe not recognized by the biomedicine, but their work it is also very important, the native midwifes, has also been tdeveloping this beatifull work of bring kids to the world.